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Flopped trips with unpredictable opponent

  • Zippy (Illinois)

Was in a tournament and I played this hand to the right. I was very familiar with my opponent. He is very unpredictable, sometimes very loose , sometimes very aggressive, sometimes not even in the game. I had a big blind special and got to see a cheap flop. I flopped trip threes. I bet out and was called by the button. Turn was a king and I c-bet and was called. The river was a four , for a full house and I bet and my opponent went over the top of me- all in. I thought for a long time, since I had a three , I figured he didn't have a three. His range was wide but it included a four. I folded and he showed a two, three off suit. Did I just play it to conservative. Him going over the top of me, risking his tournament life is what is bothering me. Should I have just pushed all in on the river? Thanks for your hel

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