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How do I assess the range of a 3-bet after a raiser with 3 callers?

  • donthomasj (Silver Spring, MD)

This is a hand played in a major WPT event by one of our own WPT students.

Blinds: 100/200/50; 90 minute levels... not sure how much time left in this level; 9 handed table

Hero (BB) : AKo, 22,500 (112 blinds) ... not sure of the stack sizes of the other players.... let's assume approximately close to ours

SB = "a very accomplished pro" ... I do know that Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari were at his table at times during the tournament

Preflop: MP1 raises 500; MP2/CO/BTN call; SB raises to 3500; Pot = 6150

What is the SBs range?

Varying opinions as to the SB's range: as tight as TT+/AQ+ but could be as wide as 99+/AJs+/KQ

Hero's best play?

(by way of edit, added Hero's position, BB)

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