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How do I choose the best approach

  • davidasavarese (Las Vegas)

Preflop I need to choose between a raise and a call.

A raise would be good because I am ahead of both opponents ranges. However a raise woul make worse hands fold and better hands shove. I would be up against many coin flips if he calls and be Out of position

Calling is giving me good pot odds and with 2 opponents I could continue with sets and overpairs and get away cheep if overcards hit the flop

Which choice is better?

If Raising is better How much?

On the flop I am ahead of opponents range. I expect him to continuation bet. Also I have range and nut advantage so I think a Check raise is best. I choose an amount that would threaten an all in on the turn.

Should I have played this different?

On the turn I feel that I have little fold equity but I had good enough pot odds to call a shove. His range at this point is ahead of my hand but I think there are enough Club draws in his range to semibluff. 

Whould you have folded here?

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