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How do I play a turned draw deep stacked?

  • sscott123 (New York, NY)

2/5 live cash game

10 handed

Hero BB 268 BB w/ QcJc

Villain - CO 258 BB

MP2 limps

Villain raises to 4BB

Hero 3 bets to 14BB

MP2 folds

Villain calls

Pot approx 30 BB

Flop: 5cTd8h

Hero bets 18BB

Villain calls

Pot: approx 66BB

Turn: 2c

Additional info: Have been playing with villian 3-4 hours. Seen him show down in spots where he has been calling pretty wide but don't know if I can take anything from that. He has been active in late position but based on frequency (don't recall him showing down in any of those spots) not so active that I can safely put him on a range outside of a default range of 25 - 35 percent of hands.

Question: After Villain calls my 3 bet and my continuation bet I have his range as TT+, 55, 88. Is this range too narrow? Should I also put him on hands where he may be floating and trying to take the pot on a later street?

Based on the range I put him on and the stacks we have should I be following WPTBC strategy and firing a second bullet or should I check and try to either see a free card or hope he bets an amount where I have pot odds to call?

At the table I saw myself as having 12 outs. 9 clubs for the flush draw plus the additional 3 9's for a gut shot straight draw. After reviewing the hand later, based on the range I put him on should I be discounting the 8c and 10c as that would give him either quads or a full house?

Based on the last 2 questions I submitted I would also like to request that Nick do some videos on deep stack cash play as I seem to be uncomfortable in a lot of those spots (Big hands pre flop, playing draws, made big hands....etc.)



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