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How do you best prepare for a 1-day deep stack tournament?

  • Doornumber7 (Atlanta, GA)

Hey Guys,

My game has dramatically improved thanks to this website. In fact, over my last 4 live tournaments, I've had a 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place finish with the 2nd place finish actually paying the most. All of these tournaments lasted 6-7 hours depending on chopping. Yesterday was my 5th tournament within a week and it was a 1-day deepstack tournament with a large field and a hefty payout.

My playing style is very aggressive and more often than not I'm in control of the tables I play at. Yesterday was no exception. This was the biggest tournament of all 5 and I was feeling confident and having a good time and my play reflected it. By the time we got down to 2 tables, we were 8 hours into the tournament and I hit a wall and my energy was gone (I'm 56). Long story short, within an hour I was walking out the door after going all-in with flopped aces against the chip leader who flopped aces as well and checked. Needless to say, my all-in was so unnecessary and destroyed a whole day of great play and a possible great cash.

My question is multifacet....

1. How many hours of poker a week (in general) do pros limit themselves to to insure that they're mentally/physically fresh regardless of how hot they are playing?

2. How do you prepare for a 1-day deep stack tournament (besides getting plenty of sleep which I routinely get) that will last considerably longer than what you're used to playing?

3. What habits have you developed to remain fresh during deep stack tournaments?

4. Knowing that very aggressive play costs more energy, should I reduce my level of aggression in deep-stack tournaments to ensure I don't burn-out before the final table?

PS. I didn't get beat by a younger player but a known and very good player that I need to be at my best to take down.


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