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How should hero play this monster draw?

  • bonedango (San Diego)

2/3 nlh. 9 handed

Hero in hijack with $330

Villain 1 in sb with $300

Villain 2 on bb with $240

Villain 3 mp1 $260

Villain 3 min raises to $6

Hero has 6h 8h

Given the very high likelihood that sb or bb will come along, Hero decides to call the min raise with the expectation that either 3 or 4 players will see the flop (I have questioned whether this call was correct in a different post).

V1 then raises to $16.

V2 calls the $16

V3 calls the $16

Hero calls as Hero is able to call for $10 more within the guidelines of the 5% rule.

Pot is $59 after rake

flop is 5d 5h 7h

V1 bets $35

V2 calls

V3 folds

There is now $129 in the pot

Hero has 15 outs to hit a straight, a flush, or a straight flush.

Pot is offering odds of roughly 3.7 to call - so hero does have appropriate calling odds.

Should hero call?

should hero raise?

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