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How should I react to someone (a maniac) who keeps shoving big in a tournament?

  • donthomasj (Silver Spring, MD)

Eric: I was in a difficult spot last night in an online tournament. MMT, close to 500 players. Early in the tourney my flush beat Villain when he shoved a huge amount over the top of my flopped flush (he rebought, and I was one of the chip leaders early on due to him). He verbalized his anger quite a bit (you know the type). He was 2 seats to my left.

Well, after that, literally every time I was in a hand with him (most often after I c-bet vs him alone (he calling out of the blind vs my LP steals), or if he limped in EP and I had a good raising hand), he'd shove his entire stack of any where from 40BB - 70BB over the top. I folded every time (amounted to about 5 times) realizing risk wasn't worth reward. On one of the hands, he gladly showed J4o in the BB vs my BU raise then c-bet (he check-raised all in for 70BB) proving his calling all of my steal attempts with ATC. btw, I know that "every" can mean an exaggeration, but in this case it was not.

With his playing this way, I figured that if I only called with strong hands, I'd rarely call and I'd have to open up my calling range vs his all-ins, realizing it'd be a high variance move. So, I have two questions:

1. Regarding a specific hand (mid tournament after 60 hands, he had a VPIP, voluntarily put in pot of 45%, and a PFR, preflop raise, of 5%). He limped a lot from EP, and had shown ability to fold to raises (but he usually called more often). He limped EP1 at 40BB ES, I raised on button to 4BB with AQo, the shoved all in. I figured I was well ahead of his range, so I called. I really hated doing it, but I wasn't sure what else to do.

2. How do you react to this sort of situation? How wide do you decide to open your preflop and post flop calling ranges? I kept attempting steals widely when the blinds were in play, but my steals only worked if I was against him another Villain, and not him alone.


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