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How to play AA when you have value against one opponent who is all in but there is action behind?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

9 handed


Hero EP1 with $500

EP2 with $1700

MP1 with $500

CO with $600

BB with $95

Hero opens to $30 with AdAh

EP2 calls

MP1 calls

CO calls

BB calls

Pot: $150


9h 9d 7h

BB moves all in for $65

BB is on tilt I am way ahead of his range

What should heros plan be?

I decide to raise and if 3bet I will Kiley be done

Hero raises to $150

EP2 folds

MP1 tank calls

CO calls




Hero checks with the intent to fold to any action...your thoughts?

MP1 bets $150

Hero folds

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