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How to play Big Hand on turn

  • joehutch45 (Fort Worth)

Some preliminary information.  There are a lot of out of state tournament players at our casino for a major tournament.  The player in position 5 to my immediate left sits down.  At the end of the first had he watches, he turns to me when the hand is complete and says "That player didn't have enough equity to call did he?".  That put me on notice right away that he was more than our normal player.  Over the next hour on two occasions I make a preflop raise which he flats, then flats my continuation bet, then makes a big bet when I check the turn.  Effectively stealing the pot.  I would like to find someway to stop that action if possible.  That chance comes on the hand above.  Based on his UTG limp and flating the raise I do not put him on a BIG hand.  I do not think he has AA,KK, AK.  Maybe pocket pairs AQ,AJ, A10.  As mentioned before, I think this is the best place to show him he can't auto bet my turn check, so I check.  He bets the standard $75 bet.  At this point I really put him on AQ,AJ,A10, QQ, 88.  I do not believe he would have limped and then called the two raises with any lesser hand.  In my mind I actually put him on AQ because that makes the most sense, but possible any of the others.  Based on the hand as shown, I think my bet is All In.  Reraise $150 makes no sense.  The other question however, is should I have continued with the 2nd bullet by betting $75 and what is my action if he raises All In.  Thanks for your guidance

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