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How to play Boat vs Nut Flush and Quads?

  • Doornumber7 (Atlanta, GA)

Hey guys,

Busted out on a crazy hand tonight.

It's mid-tournament and avg stack is 40BB. Blinds are 500/1000 w/100 ante. Table has 9 players. I'm on the button with 52BB's and it folds to me and I choose to play black pocket 3's as a spec hand because I have position and a skill advantage on BB (90BB's) who bluffs often and just won a big hand. SB (65BB's) calls and BB calls. Flop comes 2-3-4h's. It checks to me and I raise to 7K. Both SB/BB call. Turn is the Ah. Everybody checks. River is the 4d and SB checks and BB shoves all in. I put BB more on the nut flush than a 4-high boat so I call and SB folds. BB turns over pocket 4's for quads and that was that.

Can you please help me play this hand better next time?


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