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how to play QQ

  • esteban (springhill)

I have a lot of trouble playing QQs both pre and post flop and need some default advice for cash games.

1) $2-$5 Cash game with entire table straddling when on the button. Hero has $300. Against an UTG raise to $35 and MP2 caller do I call in late position or raise? This is assuming no knowledge of the other players. If I raise, would it be for $140? (3x raise + $35 from caller).

2) How do you play this post flop with an A or K on the flop? Assume only one opponents (the UTG raiser) from above. If I raise, I am basically putting the rest of my money in the pot.

I struggle with QQs b/c when I raise pre-flop and get called. An A or K is in much their hand range (AA, KK, AK, AQ, JJ, maybe AJ, KQs) or am I putting them on too tight a calling range?

Thank you.

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