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How to Play turn with TPTK in position against one opponent (follow-up)?

  • Tom W (Ann Arbor, MI)

So, I have a follow-up regarding my prior question of 'How to Play turn with TPTK in position against one opponent?' (

I believe the episode mentioned in your answer (i.e., Episode 35) shows that the line with top pair in position on a dry board is to check back the turn with the intention of calling a river bet from Villain or making a river value bet if checked to by Villain. So, if I am correct in that default line, what is it about the situation that I described that is different enough so that you would have bet the turn as well as the river? Is it that the turn card puts out too many draws to allow a free card (although, the the board still is pretty dry here) OR is it because I have TP w/ TK OR is it the fact that I have a perceived wide range since I was in the CO (OR is it all of those things in combo)? I just want to understand well why I would deviate from the default line (if, indeed, it is a deviation). Thanks!

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