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How to play turn with TPTK in position against one opponent?

  • Tom W (Ann Arbor, MI)

2/5 Cash Game


CO (Hero): w/ $875 holding Ac Qc

SB (Villain): w/ $250…Not enough information on this player to classify any differently than default.


UTG folds.

UTG+1 folds.

MP1 folds.

MP2 folds.

HJ folds.

CO (Hero) raises $25 ($850 left)…5BB was amount consistently thinning the field to one/two players pre-flop.

BTN folds.

SB calls ($225 left).

BB folds.

Pot $55


Flop - Qd 8s 3h


SB checks.

CO (Hero) bets $35 ($815 left).

SB calls $35 ($190 left).

Pot $125


Turn - Tc


SB checks.

What should Hero's action be?


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