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KK in HJ All in pre flop

  • Bobthegrey (North Las Vegas)

I am not going to layout the hand in the normal manner because all the action took place pre flop and really only involved 3 players.

Tuesday evening I was playing at my usual locals casino. It was a wild and woolly table with multiple pots in the $500-$700 range. There was one person driving most of this. He was more than willing to play ATC and raise with them. He bought in for $400 when the table opened, I sat down at the same time. He proceeded to run it up to over $800 and then lost it all and had to rebuy. Even being stacked did not slow him down. He had built it back up to just over $500 again.

The second player in our story was guy who in some ways seemed like he was not really sure what he was doing at the table. His first buyin was also for $400 but he just slowly lost it. He bought back in and has lost all but $175 of the second buy in.

I had bought in originally for $300 and had built it up to $479. I had been playing my normal very tight game but was aggressive when it counted.

This hand took place after about 3 1/2 hours of play. Player 1 was in seat 2 and UTG, player 2 was in seat 3. I was in seat 6, HJ.

The first player limps, player 2 raises to $6. Seats 4 & 5 call. I was dealt KK both black and raised to $35. It folds back to player one who raises to $105. Player 2 now sits and stare at his cards for a bit and finally goes all in for his last $169. Seats 4 & 5 fold. I call his all in being pretty sure player 1 is going to go all in also. I put the $134 I need to call player 2 in the pot. Player now does as I expected and goes all in. I call and I am sure he has a big hand even AA but there is no way I am folding my hand against him. He has made way too many moves during the session. All of this pre-flop. Big pot, almost $1000.

I felt that player 1 would go all in if I called player 2 because this had been his pattern the entire time I was at the table with him.

The question for you Eric is, is there anyway you would have gotten away from this hand given my description of the player history? I definately thought my only logical action was to get it all in pre flop.


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