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Not sure if better to go all in on turn or wait?

  • C musco (New York new york)

I called a preflop raise in a multi way pot with 67 off suit on button. I flopped open ended straight to a89 (2 hearts) board. The raiser under the gun bet $20 and there was 1 caller before me. I called. The turn card was 10 spades. The preflop raiser bet out again $20 the other player called. I decided to shove 150 on top. (pot about $100) they both went into the tank for a minute or so and both called. The river paired the board which gave the pre flop raiser aces full. Would I have been better to flat call the turn and see the last card before comiting my stack? Or did I play it correctly? (both other players had stacks larger than mine

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