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Playing K-K Preflop & Post

  • Keith (Dallas PA)

I played this hand recently and would like your opinion: 9 Player Table.$1.00/2.00 NL.(I had about 132.00 and everyone else had between 130-200.00)

UTG+1 Raises to 6.00...I call from MP1 with KK and everyone else folds.

Flop Comes out 3d 6h 10c.....Opponent bets 12.00 and I call again

Turn is Qh......Opponent bets 28.00 into 39.00 pot....I re-raise my last 92.00

He snap calls with AA ( needless to say my K didn't hit on river)

How should I have played this hand to save some $$$

Thank you!~

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