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Please explain the rationale behind this GTO trainer hand

  • silver22 (Bethlehem, PA)

Thank you for developing the trainer episodes. They are very helpful. 

This is a hand I played as the cutoff opener with a call by the big blind. My understanding is that with an over pair to the board, we should try to get just two streets of value. Being in position with a fairly coordinated board, my line of thinking was to bet the flop & turn & then check the river. The trainer gave me a highly negative EV for checking the river rather than betting the river. Would you explain the rationale behind this recommendation?

Also, when you are considering whether the board is coordinated or not in these one-pair betting line situations, are you only considering the flop, or might the board change from dry to coordinated on the turn if it interacts well with the villain's hand range?

thank you for your help,


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