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pocket 4s in BB vs MP2 open raise

  • monk (Austin)

Please provide your thoughts.  Was calling the preflop min-raise OK even though it was not multiway?  Clearly it was less than 5% of effective stack.  During the hand, I did not consider the smaller suited connectors as part of his open raising range.  I considered the flop to be quite dry.  When he bet flop, I estimated his range included overpairs, and a lot of broadway overcards.  The turn bet (in my mind) narrowed his range to mainly overpairs, maybe including TJ for the higher open-end draw.

Quite honestly, I totally missed seeing the straight hit on the river, so I bet full pot thinking my set was good, and didn't hesitate to call his reraise all-in.

I know you recommend betting or raising at earliest opportunity with made hands, and my failure to do that here was costly.  What do you think would have been the best way to extract maximum value in this case?

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