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Poker Etiquette-Misreading Hand

  • Celeborn33 (La Habra, CA)

In this cash game I was all in as was the villain after the turn. On the river I turned up my hand first, the villain then turns up his pocket aces and then the dealer proceeds to start counting the villain stack to apparently make sure he covered me before giving him all my chips. I did not see the straight on the board as the villain did not, nor the dealer, no other player said anything. As the dealer was preparing to move all my chips to the villain the player on my left spoke to me and asked if I knew there was a straight on the board. I immediately pointed this out to the dealer, who acknowledged her error and then proceeded to chop the pot. Needless to say the villain was mad and upset.

This later caused some discussion with a friend of mine about the correct poker etiquette in this situation. She felt that since no other players were in the hand, no other player should have said anything. It was up to me or the villain or dealer to point out the error. I feel that when an error like this occurs any player who recognizes it, even if they are not in the hand, should speak up to point out the error so it can be corrected. What is your feeling about this as a professional player?

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