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Post flop strategy for 3-Betting

  • Bossman (Greensboro, NC)

At the 1/2 live cash game I play 3-betting is very rare from other opponents.  I m trying to incorporate more linear 3 betting into my game per your guidelines.  The HIT is an example of a typical game and stack sizes as the max buy-in is $200.

My question is in general do I follow the same post flop guide lines of C-Betting, Turn Bullet,etc. after 3-betting compared to when I just open raise.  A 3x three bet size can easily be 25% of the effective stack or more.  In this case a C-bet can easily put in half of the effective stack where I feel I am pot committed.  Do I always want to take this action post flop with an unmade hand like AQ? 

Thanks, I really appreciate you guys.

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