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Pre flop raise size = all-in!

  • mysteryplayer (NY, NY)

Live $1/$2 Full Ring Cash Game

Is there a strategic way to combat a table where just about every hand pre flop went something like this: limp, raise, re-raise, all-in, call, call, call, call!! I’m not exaggerating when I say almost 90% of hands played out this way, with a minimum of 3 seeing the flop. And at showdown, there was maybe 1 premium hand with the others being hands like A7s, 78o, 57s etc.

At first, I just tightened up my range but I quickly realized that the only hand I’d be willing to go all-in 100+bbs deep with 3 or 4 others was AA or KK, and even then, I felt like it would just be a gamble. So, after waiting about 2 hours hoping things would settle back down (and not getting any premium hands), I left. I hated leaving because I really wanted to play, and with these players stacking off so light, I thought there should be a way to win this money. But I viewed this as gambling (even if getting compelling pot odds), not playing poker, and I didn’t want to just gamble. Was I correct to leave or should I take the pot odds if lets say 3:1 and my calling range is 1010+, AK, and opponents’ ranges are 66+, A2s+, A10o+, ATB? I just plugged into poker cruncher and with these ranges, against 3 others, I’m ~38% favorite against their ~20%. Any advise both mentally and tactically would be great! Thanks!

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