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Re-raising Premium Pairs leading to Pot Commitment and C-bet Issues

  • Bossman (Greensboro, NC)


I played this hand extremely poor so in thinking about it on the three hour ride from the casino, this brought up the following questions:

1. I should have re-raised 3x to $225. If I had done this pre-flop I feel I am pot committed since my re-raise is about 35% of the effective stack, so if I am going to get it all in on the flop would it be better to shove all-in pre-flop to maximize fold equity? Is this a smart play? Seems I HAVE to be certain I am ahead of opponents range or he will fold. This seems like I am guessing a lot pre-flop.

2. As played my 2x bet lead to a call, then I followed up with a too small c-bet of around 100 into a pot of 322. As played did I have room to fold to the opponent putting me all-in? I feel I am pot committed after my c-bet.

I am not sure why I played this way to start with, I guess I was trying not to bloat the pot with one pair. I felt handcuffed in that I couldn't see folding QQ to a late position player, I could not call, so my only choice was to raise. This was my first time playing 2/5 table. I wanted to pay for the experience and originally this was a new table so stacks were small. Villain however came from a broken table with around 1,500 and had ran it up more. I had bought in for 400 and got up to around 1000, but the last couple hours was getting ground down. I really did not want to stack off with QQ.

3. Is there any validity in playing QQ in this situation for set value only to avoid pot commitment issues? If I played for set value I would have folded my $15 open pre-flop, this seems extremely tight, but I seem to constantly win small pots or lose small pots with premium pocket pairs. My objective is long term profitability to grow my bankroll to move up from the $1/2 ranks.

All of your input is greatly appreciated.

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