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Reshove Strategy and Recommended Ranges

  • Brcoltman (Wilton, CT)

First let me say that the reshove strategy has had a huge impact on my ability to advance much further in tournaments than before, including some very deep runs. I am hoping to refine my understanding and use of it.

With that said, I have some questions regarding reshove ranges at various stack sizes, assuming a button or sb reshove versus a late or middle-position open raise.

1  are the ranges you provided for <10bb only for open shoving, or are they also playable as a reshove 3bet? If not, what would a potential reshove range look like at this stack size?

2. For stacks between 10-30bb, what are the recommended reshove ranges at various stack sizes? For example, 10-20bb and 20-30bb, or whatever size breakdown you use.

Since implementing the reshove technique, I have only been reshoving 10-20bb without a specifically defined range, only when it “feels right”. In one of the early video episodes, Nick mentions some hands that are good reshoves, which seem much tighter than those inferred in the reshove 3-part series of episodes. I may be wrong, but to my knowledge there aren’t any specific ranges recommended. Also, I heard Chewy mention 20-30bb reshoving on the latest webinar, which I had not heard of before in the video episodes.

Thank you for the great instruction, love the content!

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