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River Decision

  • Cathy Schenone (Elmira NY)

Borgata Almighty Stack, level 5 300/600/600 (HIT didn't have big blind ante option which is why the stack sizes seem so odd).  100K starting stack, table is extremely loose with all pots going to flop multiway either multiway limped or raised pot getting multiple callers.  Previously only 2 hands were 3 bet preflop which resulted in heads up.  Player in SB is very skilled, experienced player. MP1 player late registered in middle of level 4. Played and won 2 pots that did not go to showdown so I have no real information on him.  Rest of players are weak and passive.

I chose to flat call the weak lead bet on flop for 2 reasons. There are 3 players left to act behind me and I wanted to see if someone called with suited connectors that included a 4. Also I thought the lead out into me with multiple callers was a very strange action and it definitely confused me as to why he would do that.

I chose to check behind on the turn and was then faced with a river all in decision. I have 153 bb left if I fold.  What hand ranges do you put him on? Should I have called or folded?

If I bet 30,000 on the turn and he calls and then shoves the river, does that change what you think I should do?  If I bet 30,000 on the turn and he shoves the turn, what then?

Thanks for any input!

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