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Semi-Slow Played Pocket Aces creating a calling train and jamming on flop

  • Gil T (Kingston, NY)

Here I was playing at a table where everyone called up until around $12 preflop.  Everytime I had a raising hand I came in for a $17 raise and mostly everyone folded. Sometimes I would get 1-2 callers and usually win those pots.  Here I tried raising a small amount preflop with Aces with the intention of getting some money in the pot since I only had $64 in front of me.  I created a calling train and got some money in the pot and then I jammed on the flop and found one caller with a flush draw and back door straight draw with about 250 big blinds in front of him.  Did I make a mistake preflop and should I always be coming in for a raise with Aces UTG? Did I then make a mistake jamming on the flop with so many players seeing the flop and a semi-coordinated board? Thanks for your feedback. Gil

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