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Short-stack shove

  • mcleary10902 (Carmel Indiana)

Played a hand in a tournament a couple of weeks back that I’ve spent some time with away from the table and I would like some feedback

Blinds were $600 and $1,200 with a $200 ante. 9 handed table.

I was down to a little over 7 BB’s and was dealt Pocket 8’s in middle position. The UTG player made it $3,000 to go folded around with action on me. The UTG player was pretty deep at this point and had about 60 BB.

In the moment, I took into consideration that UTG was not raising super wide as there were a couple of other either short-stack to re-shove stacks at the table. Also, with such a short-stack and UTG’s stack depth, I assumed they were calling 100% of the time.

Based on my first assumption, I figured pocket 8’s were probably well behind a range of 10+ AK, AQ; however, I just felt like folding was also too weak given I had such a short stack and was really out of time to be too picky. So, I shoved and UTG snap called and turned over pocket Kings which held up.

Post tournament, I just validated my thinking about the pocket 8’s against UTG’s range in poker cruncher and I was indeed way behind.

So here’s what I’ve been chewing on. Would it have made sense to fold my hand given the specific conditions and wait for a better spot even though I have such a short stack and shove using the fold/shove criteria that Chris Wallace has covered? Conversely, was my move ok given, if I had folded here and waited, I’m likely getting called against a good player with my hand often wider than this hand so the equity might be the same ( I.e. mid pair versus tight range or my subsequent wider range against unknown opponent who might be a bigger favorite against my wider range).

Just trying to get a feel for some scenarios where a fold still might be the best play even when I’m short-stacked and the first instinct might be to shove.

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