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Should fear of a set keep Hero from re-shoving river with top two?

  • bonedango (San Diego)

2/3 nlh 6 handed

Hero is first to act in mp2 with $450

Villain is in bb with $300. Villain just sat down and is unknown to hero.

Hero raises to $12 with KQo

folds to Villain in bb who calls $12. Pot is $21 after drop.

flop is K Q 8 rainbow.

Villain check and hero bets $15. Villain calls. Pot $51

turn is 4.

Villain checks and hero bets 30. Villain calls. Pot $111

River is a 2. I don't remember all the suits but there were no flushes possible.

Villain bets $100 on board of K Q 8 4 2.

I presume nobody thinks hero should fold. Let me know if you think that is the case.

Should hero call?

Should hero shove. Top two on this board is a very strong hand. Should fear of a set keep hero from shoving?

What hand range would you assign to Villain when he shoves the river?

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