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Should hero make hero call here, or checl/call flop

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

Here was the hand of the evening


Level 5

9 handed


Day 1

Hero in SB with 14k

Villain in BB with 190k

Villain is a Euro pro who has been playing aggressively since building his stack in Level 4.

Folds to Hero in SB

Hero opens to 1300 with As4c

BB calls

Pot: 3050


Ac 7d 3h


Considered a check/shove or a check/call

Hero bets 1300

BB moves all in


My original line was to check/call any bet, since Villain has been so aggressive.

But after some deliberation, I determine:

1) Hero has been playing super tight, with a tight image (completely card dead)

2) Villain has been very aggressive the last 3 hours, visibly loose image, showing made strong hands and bluffs when raising

3) Hero has opened pre, then led into aggressive villain with our images, Hero is repping top pair, and very few bluffs

4) Villain has still chosen to raise/shove?

I now place Villain on weak to middle Ax hands, sets, and some middling pocket pairs, but I see him calling with a large portion of this range.

Villain is either two pair or better, or pure air...I don't see much value in the air here for Villain, since I am close to committed when I barrel flop.

I fold, your thoughts?

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