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Should I bet or check river?

  • Bobthegrey (North Las Vegas)

$1/$2 game at locals casino. Rake not considered in pot sizing.

Hero with $345 holding 2 red Ks in Hijak

Villain 1 with about $380 in SB

Villain 2 with about $250 in BB

EP1 limps, MP2 limps, Mp3 limps

Hero raises to $15

CO & Button fold

V1 & V2 call rest fold

Pot now $51

Flop comes Ks Ah 2c

Villains both check

Hero bets $40

Villains both call

Pot now $171

Turn comes 10d

Villains check

Hero bets $100

V1 calls V2 folds

Pot now $$371

River comes 7c

V1 checks

Question: what is better action given I am sure I have him beat but he has been very sticky. He has been at the table since I got here and seems willing to play any hand with a broadway card in it and from his comments I am pretty certain he has the case K. I don't know why he likes to talk about hands while they are in process but I do listen. Since he is in the SB he could really have any two including any pair but he has been betting hands like sets not just calling behind. He has check raised twice while I have been at the table holding that type of hand. Should I shove or make a smaller value bet? I want to maximize my profit here.

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