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Should I bet the K high flush draw?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

8 handed

live cash


Hero in CO with $540

MP1 with $3000

Button with $420

BB with $500

folds to MP1 who open to $20

Folds to hero who raises to $60 with AhKc

Button calls

SB folds

BB calls

MP1 calls

4 to the flop

Pot: $240



BB checks

MP1 checks

Hero has 2nd nut flush draw, 1 card, with two villains checking to Hero...

Button 3bet CC

BB 3bet CC

MP1 open / 3bet called

MP1 is very wide 3bet, has shown 2d6d and K9o in similar situations

Button and BB more default.

My default range for a CC 3bet is 22+, AXs, JTs+

Should Hero check with intention to check/fold or bet?

What if Hero had AcKd?

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