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Should I call the turn with KK here?

  • Zippy (Illinois)

I was in the CO with KsKc. Blinds 50/100 I had 37 BB and opponents had 50BB. I raised three BB and got two callers (both blinds) Flop came 2,4,8 rainbow , checked to me ,fired second bullet of $750 got small blind to call. Turn 10d Small blind bet $1500. I went over the top and all in. Forgot to tell you ,I am very familiar with this player. He is very aggressive and is in approx 60 to 70 percent of hands. He took about one min to make his decision and then he called. He had ace 8 and another 8 came on the river. I believe in aggression. Did I play this right even thoug I got bounced?

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