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Should I call with an overpair and a SPR below 4 in this situation?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

9 handed live


Hero in CO with $340

SB with $119

BB with $159

Folds to hero who opens to $15 with AhAd

Button folds

Blinds call

SB is an abc player, no 3bets, lots limping, stacks off light

BB unknown but plays draws passively

Pot: $40 after rake

SPR: 3.5


6h 8c 2d

Blinds check

Hero bets $30

SB All in for $104

BB is undecided then calls with $40 behind

Hero looking at pot odds of

$74:$278 or $114:$318 since BB is pot committed

BB is likely on a draw as he has shown two check call lines on draws

Think I have best hand but am fading draws


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