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Should we bet OOP against two villains on a broadway board WHEN we have top pair or over pair?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

Another hand I discussed with fellow alumni with no clear answer...

Cash $1/$3

9 handed

Hero SB $800 behind
MP3 $600 behind
BB $300 behind

MP3 opens $6
CO calls $6
button calls $6
Hero raises $30 with AhAc
BB Calls $30
MP3 calls $30
CO fold
Button fold

Pot: $112

Kc Qs 2c

SPR: 5.


Default is to check/fold OOP against two opponents on a wet board

Hero has an overpair...should hero bet and fold to a raise with overpair equity?

Could hero check/call with overpair...check/call one or two streets based on board texture?

What would be the criteria of turn card and betting lines from villains to continue with check/call?

Paired boards? Completed draws?

Hero bets $100

BB fold

MP3 moves all in

Hero call or fold at this SPR?

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