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Should we fold to awkward stack shoves against Villains with sm-med PP bet tells

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

I find that there are a brand of opponent that open shoves up to 20 or 25bb with problematic hands to play post flop.

There range is usually one of the below:

1) 22-JJ

2) 22-JJ, AK

3) 44-JJ, AK

Against these players, when I run equities, Hero usually is getting less than the needed equity when Villain is above 12bb...

So do we just fold AKo here?

At 12bb, and antes of .1bb (10 handed), Villain would be shoving 12bb and Hero would have to call 12bb to win 14.5bb...or getting 45% pot odds...

AKo is 45% equity against all of these ranges; and unless you add in some other broadway combos the range of the pairs doesn't really affect the equity

So above, 12bb should we just be folding AK to shoves unless? 1) it doesn't impact our stack, 2) it suited; 3) or?

AKs has 48% equity against this range so that is only a 3% advantage in this spot


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