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Spec Hands From Early Position

  • jrporras (panama)

Hello - Been on a number of sessions over past 5 days. 1/2 game mostly Seminle Hard Rock in Hollywood. After 5 days Im basically breaking even - after more than 30 hours of play spread over 10 session approx.

Ive made notes of hands that ive won/lost. Hands that have continuously made me think are playing spec hands early on. It seems that im letting great oportunities pass me by if I have to wait for a muiltipot to emerge before I can call a raise holding a spec hand - even if the raise is within the 5% of the effective stack limit. In a number of these occassions Ive folded right after a raise, then eventually the Multiway emerges anyway from callers after me(this has been typical situation at these tables, people are just call happy) and a flop comes great for my folded hand.

Are there adjustments I can make to my game (what would be those considerations) where I can call right after a raise with a spec hand from early on - as long as its within the 5% rule? Off course considering that if I get RERAISED i may have to fold, also If no one else calls I may end up heads up at a disadvantage.


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