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To shove or to raise that is the question

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

Interesting spot where a somewhat wide EP shoves for 5bb, and Hero has KQo in EP3.

How to play? Against a very calling heavy field like this, I opt for a min 3bet to isolate against the short stack, but have the maneuverability to release if one of the bigger stacks 4bet shoves. Against a more aggressive, reg field, I would lean towards a shove or a call...or even a fold...but I think this is a great spot to 3bet shove and isolate against this player. As played, and against this rec, fairly nitty field, I chose to give myself some options if someone wakes up and shove with KK+,AK...or calls this big 3bet with a defined range of 77+, AQ+.

Your thoughts?

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