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Turn and River?

  • Otto Parts (Houston, TX)

I had only played one orbit prior to this hand and was still using default reads on players.  Preflop raise was actually $10 (still too small to thin field) but I adjusted for the rake.  I decided to deviate from std line and flat instead of raising.

When the J comes in on the turn, and the BB bets out, I only called. Is this a monsters under the bed situation or would it have been better to go ahead and raise here?

Going to the river, I have both SB and BB with ranges 44, 99, JJ, JTs, J9s, 78s.  Being a low stakes table some combos of KQ, Q8, JTo, J9o, 78o may be in there too.  When the J pairs on the river and the BB bets $100, into two players that have already put money in on the flop and turn, I am thinking some lower straight combos go away.

In the moment flat calling felt too passive but raising felt super strong.  I was wrestling with would any straights and/or lower full houses still  call if I raised.  I decided the answer was yes and ended up shoving.   I'd appreciate comments on the hand as played.  Thanks.


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