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Two Pair on Coordinated Flop Multiway

  • lvpkrplr (Las Vegas, NV)

$1/$2 NLH
Hero in C/O with 127BB

Folds to MP1 who limps
MP3 limps
hero in CO w/QdJc, raises to 7.5BB
SB calls
BB calls
MP1 calls
MP3 calls
Flop 8dQhJd
SB checks
BB bets 15.5BB
MP1 folds
MP3 calls
Hero raises to 60BB
SB folds
BB raises all-in (has hero covered)
MP1 folds
MP3 folds

I would appreciate feedback on any decisions that seem questionable here. I'm a bit rusty after some time away from the tables.

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