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Villain constant bluffer and wild player - difficult to know how to play

  • Gil T (Kingston, NY)

Here we have a villain who has been playing terrible cards and constantly bluffing "all-in" to everyone. He recently bluffed me off top two pair on flop representing a straight or set. Here he raised preflop and I made a somewhat loose call with Q10 suited but thought it was multiway and villain was raising in MP with anything. Everyone checks down the flop and turn and the river gives me Broadway with a potential flush out there. In position I bet out and he immediately moves all-in for some insane amount. As mentioned, I didnt want to become exploitable at the table and allow him to constantly bluff me so I made the call and he turns over a flush to beat me. Besides folding preflop, what should I have done differently and was this the right call at the end? How should I adjust my play with such a maniac at the table? Thanks much, Gil

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