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Was I too aggressive going all in with AA after the Flop

  • TJ (Rhode Island)

I was playing 1/2 last night. I was the cut off. 3 people limped in front of me. I had AsQc and I raised to $22. $12 - $15 was the amount that on average thinned the field to 1 or 2 opponents. The Button called and the BB called. The BB had $710 and I had $350. The BB was one of 2 players that was playing a wide range of hands (more than 50%) from all positions and playing them aggressively even when he did not hit. I decided to tighten my hand range but to play them aggressively.

Flop was Ah, 4d, 5c. The Big Blind bet $75. I thought he opened with a wide range (50%) and continued with 50% of that range (including some bluffs). I thought that I had the best hand equity at the time and I went All In.

He called.

River and turn were 10d and 8h

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