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What do I do with 2 pair when Villain shoves the turn with 3 to a flush on the board?

  • sscott123 (New York, NY)

1/3 live cash game

Hero 230 BB - CO 9s6d (Hero missed the blind and posted in the CO)

MP2 600BB

Villain EP2 92 BB

V limps

MP2 calls

H checks

Pot 4BB

Flop: Kc9h6h

V bets 5BB

MP2 calls

H raises to 20BB

Villain puts out chips and says "25 on top". The raise is disallowed because it was to small so it was just a call.

MP2 folds

Pot: 50BB

Turn: 4h

Villain shoves 72BB


After Villain limped the flop,bet out and attempted to 3 bet post flop and then shoved the turn I have him on a range of KK+, 99, 66, AK,K6, K9+, Kh8h - Kh2h, QhJh - 2h3h, AhQh - Ah2h, QhTh - 7h5h, Qh9h - Th7h.

Is this range too wide or too narrow? If this is an acceptable range I am a slight dog at 43% vs 57%. which would be a fold. Just not sure if I have my ranges correct.

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