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What is your action on the flop?

  • Bobthegrey (North Las Vegas)

10 handed $1/$2 game

Hero in Hijack with AhKh with $351 or 175.5 BB

V1 in MP1 with roughly $550 or ~ 275 BB

V2 on button with about $300 or about 150 BB

Folds to V1 who limps

Folds to Hero who raises to $15 - 7.5 BB and standard raise plus limper

Cutoff folds

V2 calls

Folds back to V1 who calls

Pot now $48 - 24 BB

Flop is 9d9sJc

V1 checks

Hero's action? Continuation or check?

V1 is a regular who tends to call a lot and will call you down if he thinks he can catch a good hand. I believe his range is probably wider than most MP players.

V2 is someone I have not played with before but seems to be a good solid thinking player. I believe his range is probably consistent with a range we might use based on what I have seen of his play so far.

Hero has been playing very tight all evening and has only showed down 2 hands in the past hour and won both of them. Both villains have been at the table the whole time.

I hope we can have some discussion before Eric jumps in

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