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What should my EP opening range be as big stack at a table with ES < 51BB?

  • donthomasj (Silver Spring, MD)

If I have < 51 BB, my EP opening range is TT+/AQ+.

How about when I am big stacked, such as having 100BB, and the rest of the players to act have a median ES of <50BB? Should I use my opening range above since if I am 3-bet, I am unable to call for set value with small - medium pairs.

I have heard other players state that you should try to "run over the table" when you have a big stack at the table. Therefore, should I open with a wider range in EP (eg any pocket pair, and AQ+) as the big stack even if there are stacks to my left with 50BB or less?


by way of edit... I corrected the title to "<51BB"

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