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Whats the best way to play when the board pairs?

  • shum888 (New York, NY)

I've been running into situations where the board pairs and been losing alot of money lately. The last hand that I played was a prime example. I was playing in a 2-5NL game, with about 160 BB. I was in the small blind with AQo. There was 4 limpers and I raised to $35, 2 of the limpers called and 2 folded. 3 players to the flop. The flop was 6sQcJc. I made a C-bet of $70, which is about 2/3 of the pot. I opponet called and the other folded. Heads-up to the turn. The turn was As, giving me 2 pairs but now there is 2 flush draws on the board. I bet $200 and my opponent called. The river was Js. I checked and he bet $375. I shoved all-in and lost my stack. How poorly did I play this hand, and how can I play it better, if I'm in this situation again?

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