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when should i fold this hand

  • davidasavarese (Las Vegas)

1-2 No limit.

Hero w/ 120 BB UTG with AKo

Villian in middle position has me covered, Loose aggressive but not a maniac.

Hero raises to 6 BB.($12) only villian calls. $25 in the pot

Flop A, Q, 2. Rainbow

Hero CB $25 Villian makes it $50. Hero calls

Turn 3. Hero checks Vilian bets 50 hero Calls

River is 8, Hero checks and Villian bets $100.

I think that my top pair top kicker is likely behind villians range, but I am being offered good pot odds on every street, and I am up against a single loose aggressive opponent. On the other hand I am investing too much money into a 1 pair showdown. At what point would you have folded?

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