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When should I have known?

  • Card Ace (Ventura, CA )

I was just in a WPT Tournament and folded every hand for the first orbit.  Then I got pocket Queens UTG.  I raised 5x.  The small blind raised me back.  I four-bet.  He called.  Flop was Jack high all hearts. He checked. I didn't want a heart or an Ace to come on the turn so I thought shoving was the best way to get him to fold.  He called and turned over pocket Kings. I felt foolish getting knocked out on the first hand I played.  Was it that obvious or was I just unlucky?  I remember in the LearnWPT workshop being told to get chips early while the blinds are low, to be fearless and start kamikaze style because people will be afraid for their tournament life and usually fold.  I'm still kicking myself but want to learn and improve for next time.  Thank you. 

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