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When should I post when sitting at the table?

  • Tom W (Ann Arbor, MI)

Howdy :-) Question for the cash game folks...I understand that when you are first seated at a table you should, ideally, not enter the game until you are the BB or, at worst, you should only post from late-position (i.e., do not post from EP or MP). Also, I understand that when making your final exit from the table after you session that you should, ideally, exit just before it is your turn to post the BB (i.e., play your UTG hand and then split). So, my question is...In terms of position, when is the ideal time to take your shorter mental breaks (e.g., use the restroom, grab a coffee, do a lap of the casino floor)? Assume that such a break would be less than a full orbit (if not just a couple of hands). Thanks for the feedback!

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