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When should I raise with limpers?

  • LesNessman (Chino Hills, CA)

I just played a hand online where I was in the cutoff. I had JTo and was planning to raise if it folded to me. There were 2 limpers and when it got to me I folded, the hand was not a spec hand and it was multiway. The hand is on the chart of opening hands, but which of these hands are correct to raise with in this position when it's multiway?

Sorry, I failed to mention the position of the limpers was early; UTG and UTG+1.

Also, regarding raising with limpers, would your raise amount be the same with x number of limpers as it would be if you were only raising the blinds? Or, do you incrementally increase your raise amount based upon the number of callers? I have heard advice to raise more based upon the number of callers but currently I am always raising the same amount regardless of the number of players in the hand.

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