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WSOP 2018 Deepstack Event#267

  • seruas (Reston, VA)

Playing the final table of the daily deep stack on the WSOP 2018 the action fold to me on MP (ME) I had around 560,000 (Blinds 15k/30 5k ante) I have 88 so I raise to 2 x standard raise on this table, highjack shovels all in for around 165K and the button re-shoves 250K. I tank (pay jumps around $250 for the 9 and 8 place) for around a minute and fold. I think my 88 against 2 player will be a bit difficult  to win I was ready to call the first shove for 165K but not the second one. I know that if you want to win tournaments you need take some risks somethings the first place was paying $13,000 and I bust out on 5 place. So what will be the "correct play" I know it will depends if you want to win first or survive but what you will do on this spot?



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