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Tony Dunst

Tony Dunst is one of the original online poker professionals who helped usher in the poker boom and who cultivated his experience and natural talent into an eloquently presented yet appropriately witty style that has captivated poker fans for over a decade. Tony joined the World Poker Tour as host of the Raw Deal segment and spent seven seasons analyzing some of the most pivotal hands from WPT events. Through these segments, the poker world was introduced to a whole new method of hand analysis as used by professional players, in an entertaining and engaging manner. When Mike Sexton announced his retirement from the WPT commentary booth, it was only natural for Tony to be promoted into the role starting with Season XVI.


Tony was able to etch his name on the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup in Season XII, winning WPT Caribbean. Not long after in 2016 Tony added another marquee title to his poker resume when he won a WSOP gold bracelet. Tony won his second WSOP bracelet in 2020, his first WSOP Circuit Ring in 2021, and another Circuit Ring in 2022 adding to his long list of accomplishments.

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Strategy Episode

What You Will Learn

  • Cash Game and Tournament Strategy
  • Detailed Hand Analysis  
  • How to Think Through Every Street
  • Online vs Live Strategy
  • Adjusting for Opponent Tendencies
  • Using Your Feedback Loop for Improvement
  • What it Takes to Play on Tour
  • Advanced Concepts and Techniques attending Live Workshops 
About Your Instructor

Tony Dunst

In addition to being widely recognized for his prowess as an expert poker player and commentator, he has written articles on dozens of topics both within and outside of poker. With his candor and over-sized personality, Tony quickly developed a loyal following of fans, who are often rewarded with his well-informed and lightning-quick takes via his social media platforms and during WPT broadcasts. Tony's ability to break down strategy and his thought process in a hand makes him a huge asset to LearnWPT Members and Students.


  • WPT Champion, 2x WSOP Bracelet and 2x WSOP Circuit Ring winner
  • More than $4 Million in live tournament winnings
  • World Poker Tour commentator

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